The original reason for SCP's existence: stupid movies and cartoons. Check out a ton of videos going as far back as 1997! Clearly ahead of our time as we peaked long before youtube.
SCP Games is the new focus: iOS Apps that are all free! Download any SCP Game and collect SCP Coins to be used in any other game. Our games are so popular, we crammed them together into SCP Arcade.
Over here! SCP Arcade! Tons of SCP Games all rolled up into one burrito of an App. Play a dozen different games and challenge your friends to beat your score. Bet SCP Coins and win all the bragging rights in the world!
SCP Words is the name of our Social Media outlets, specifically Twitter and Facebook. Follow us on both to get news, previews, and cheat codes for our various games. Plus we'll dig into the old video vault for some classics.


The Viking Bunnies! Quite possibly the coolest (and most marketable) thing to come from SCP. Check out the books, Apps, and amazing adventures of Steve, Lars, Thora, and Captain Fuzzy!
Jobin The Penguin and his frozen friends are on the way. Check out Jobin and his amazing adventure as he battles mean aliens who stole his favorite toy. Don't forget about Mort the Walrus and Dave the Yeti!